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About Us

A husband and wife team that complement each other beautifully. Angie has been a photography enthusiast since 2006, introducing Stephen  (who has been an artist for most of his life) to this medium when they met  in 2014.  Angie, a born dreamer and someone who feels and expresses emotions deeply is drawn to newborn, commercial, architecture and fine detail photography.  Stephen, a talented artist and a very competitive athlete is drawn to product and sports photography, as well as building composites.  Together they love lifestyle, event, and wedding photography.


Capture the Story within the Moment

The heart of photography is the stories that are told in the pictures.  Whether it is one image that evokes emotions and wonder,  or a series of pictures that lay out the whole tale before your eyes.  We believe it is our job to capture your moments in a way that allows you to relive the feelings one image at a time.


Our Work

We love Photography, we will take pictures of most anything given the chance, but our true passion lies in Sports, Commercial,  Special Events, and Architecture.... with the occasional baby tossed in to keep things interesting.

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